Wonderdog Special

An extruded diet with high quality ingredients including 24% protein and a balance of oils, Sneyds Wonderdog Special is a complete diet recommended for active and working dogs.

With the inclusion of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Sneyds Wonderdog Special Dog Food helps maintain healthy joints in dogs, and is proven to assist in repairing joints. It also contains Cod Liver Oil, again for joint care and to help with coat conditions.

With Weetsweet, a British Wheat, Sneyds Wonderdog Special Dog Food contains natural enzymes, and has various benefits to animals including minimising respiratory problems, helping maintain healthy teeth and gums, enhancing taste and texture of food, being highly digestible, and provided a readily available source of glucose for constant energy released over time, unlike sucrose.

  • Highly palatable

  • Dust free

  • Improves lubrication and mobility

  • High in cod liver oil

  • Improves coat condition

  • Exceptional value for monkey

  • Sprayed with Weetsweet

  • With glucosamine and chondroitin

  • Made from a mixture of lamb, beef and pork meats for a delicious taste

  • Complete and balanced recipe 

For prices contact us by email at info@thegardenhut.co.uk.