Pink Mash

Pink Mash

KeyFlow Pink Mash supports the hindgut health in all horses and ponies and contains prebiotics and Protexin probiotics.

  • A superb fibre feed made from super fibre with beetroot. Added to the daily diet, Pink Mash supports exceptional hind gut health offering superior digestibility to traditional fibre sources such as hay, grass or chaff.

    • Super fibre horse feed

    • With beetroot & linseed

    • Can be fed as partial hay/forage replacer

    • Ideal for horses prone to digestive upsets

    • Very low feeding rate

    • Contains high levels of Protexin

    Super fibre is readily fermented in the hind gut producing a slow release source of cool energy and promoting hind gut health. In addition, beetroot is a rich source of nitrate which increases blood flow to lower blood pressure and generate increased energy within the muscles. Beetroot is also a good source of protein, fibre and is high in natural antioxidants.

    Keyflow Pink Mash also contains high levels of Protexin® Probiotics to restore beneficial microflora in the hind gut for more efficient fibre conversion.

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