Vanrobaeys FlexiStar

Vanrobaeys FlexiStar

Development, protection & strengthening of joints, tendons and cartilages with pigeons

The cartilage in the joint starts to degrade due to overburdening of young pigeons and the lack of movement with pigeons that are stuck in winter.

The cartilage serves as cushioning between the individual parts of the skeleton. This function is supported by the joint fluid that feeds the cartilage and surrounds it as a defensive ring. When arthrosis occurs, the cartilage degrades, the bones are rubbing against one other causing pain. The irritated bone skin reacts, resulting in an infection (arthritis) and the deformation of the joint bones. As a result the joint functioning progressively re- duces. In an advanced stage, the joint can even ossify causing permanent stiffness.

Arthrosis cannot be cured, but prevention may be the right way towards protection against overburdening of the wing joints, especially of the shoulder joint, by the fast up and down movements of the wing.
The unique Flexi Star recipe reduces joint infections and rebuilds the quality of the cartilage structure. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Flexi Star is a dietary supplement and therefore shall be used in time before the start of the burdening during the races and the start of the training. In order to have the best result, it is recommended to administer 10ml of Flexi Star after weaning off the young pigeons in combination with 10 gr. of ProteinStar /1 kg of pigeon feed.

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