Ecoefective Weed Blast.

ecofective WeedBlast is an effective, ready to use weed killer which uses acetic acid and a patented co-formulation of natural ingredients to control annual and perennial weeds in gardens, patios, paths and gravel. The formula should be sprayed directly onto the weed, with visible results after just one hour*. ecofective WeedBlast is also effective in garden areas in between where vegetables and plants are grown, as no residual is left behind in the ground. The formula dries quickly, leaving the treated area safe to be seeded or planted 24 hours after application - as well as being harmless to children pets and wildlife once dried. The product is not temperature reliant, so it can be used all year round when no frost is present, making it the essential gardening must-have. WeedBlast is part of ecofective’s range of natural feed, weed and control products. 

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