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No bonfires are allowed on the allotments between the months of March to November.



Due to the constantly changing prices from the manufacturers / wholesalers, we have found it necessary to remove the prices of our stock from this website. We hope to restore pricing to the site when the economic situation of the country settles down. Anyone wishing to know the price of any of our stock should contact us by email at


Allotment Waiting List 

There is a waiting list for the allocation of allotments. Anyone wishing to be added to the list should attend the Allotment Association, Main Street, Red Row and speak to a member of the committee.


Tenants Agreement

An agreement made the 1 st  day of April 2010 between East Chevington Parish Council and the Broomhill Garden Association, Whose head office is Main Street, Red Row, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 5AF. Their duly authorized agent of the one part.and the other part.

Whereby it is agreed as follows,


1) In this agreement it is in your best interest that you read this carefully, failure to comply to the agreement may result in the termination of your tenancy.

The Landlords means East Chevington Parish Council.

“The Lease Holders” (Agents) means Broomhill Garden Association and at any time being entitled to receive the rents and profits of the holding.

The Tenant means the aforsaid.

“The Holding” means the land described in the first schedule.


2) The Landlord agrees to let and the Tenant agrees to take the holding  Except and Reserving  unto the Landlords and all persons authorized by the Landlords, the Interests, Rights and Powers and Easements specified in the second schedule to this agreement ans subject to the matters set out in the third schedule to this agreement.


3) The tenancy shall commence on the first day of March and continue until 31 st  March next and therefore from year to year until determined by either party given to the other not less than 28 days notice.


4) The commencing rent shall be £ 30.00 per year and shall continue at the same yearly sum until such time as a different rent shall be replaced therefore by agreement and therefore the rent shall be the substituted rent any agreement by which a new rent for the holding is agreed, unless specifically stated, shall be deemed to be made under this clause and not to create a new tenancy agreement.

4.1)  The Rent  Shall be paid yearly in advance on the first day of March in every year, failure to do so within 28 days will result in the termination of the tenancy. 

Tenants Obligations

5) The Tenant hereby agrees with the Landlords as follows

Rent and Outgoings

5.1) To pay the rent hereby reserved on the days and in the manner aforesaid

5.2) To pay all taxes and assessments (including water rates meter rent and drainage rates) of an annual or recurring nature

For use only as Allotment Gardens

6) Not to use the holding or any part or parts thereof nor allow the same to be used for any purpose other than an allotment garden.

6.1) Not to assign or charge the holding and not to underlet or part with or share the possession or occupation or use of any part of the holding.

Cultivation and Condition

7) To keep the holding clean and free from weeds and well manured and otherwise maintain it in a good state of cultivation and fertility and good condition and to keep any pathway or cart-track including therein or abutting thereon (or in the case of any pathway or cart-track abutting on the holding and any other allotment garden or gardens or other land the half-width thereof) in a reasonable state of repair and condition and free from weeds and debris.


8) Not to cause or permit any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment garden or the owners or occupiers of any adjoining or neighboring land nor to obstruct or encroach on any path or roadway used by the landlords or by the owners or occupiers of any adjoining or neighboring property.

Hedges, Fences etc

8.1) To keep every hedge on the holding properly cut and trimmed and all ditches properly cleaned and maintained and keep and repair any fences and gates on the holding.


9) Not without the written consent of the landlords agent to erect, construct place or lay any building, structure, or works on the holding or any part or parts thereof.

9.1) Before the expiration or sooner determination of this tenancy to take down and remove all buildings and structures other than boundary fences on the holding making good to the satisfaction of the landlord's agent all damage caused thereby.

Barbed Wire

10) Not to use barbed wire for or on any fence on the boundaries of the holding.

Restriction on Cropping

11) Not without written consent of the landlord's agent to plant any trees or fruit bushes or any crops which require more than six months to mature.

Depositing Refuse

12) Not to deposit or allow other persons to deposit on the holding any refuse or decayed matter except manure and compost in such quantities as may be reasonably required for use in cultivation or place any refuse or decaying matter in the hedges or ditches adjoining holding.

12.1) To report at all times any fly-tipping to the landlord's agent any tenant who is responsible for fly-tipping will have their tenancy terminated with immediate effect.

Dogs and Horses

13) Not to bring or cause to be brought on the holding any dog ​​or horse without the written permission of the landlords.

Restriction In Keeping Animals

14) Not to keep any animals or livestock of any kind on the holdings except hens and pigeons to the extent permitted by section 12 of the Allotments Act 1950.


15) To permit the landlord's agent at any time to enter on the holding to inspect the state and condition thereof.

To Yield Up

16) To yield up to the landlords, vacant possession of the holding on the determination of this tenancy in a condition consistent with the due performance by the tenant of the provisions of this agreement.

Determination of Tenancy

17) By re-entry by the landlords at any time after given 3 months previous notice in writing to the tenant on account of the holding being required for the building, mining or any other industrial purpose or for the roads or sewers necessary in connection with any of those purposes of.

By re-entry by the landlords at ant time after given one months previous notice in writing to the tenant.

17.1) If the rent or any part thereof is in arrears for not less than 21 days, whether legally demanded or not.


17.2) If there has been a breach or non-observance by the tenant or any term or condition of this agreement

17.3) If the tenant shall become bankrupt or compound with his creditors.

Compensation for Damages

18) The landlords shall not be liable to make good or pay compensation for any damage or loss whatsoever caused directly or indirectly by

18.1) Fumes, smoke, dust, gas or water whether or not such water shall contain or carry with it material or substance of any kind whatsoever, coming from any adjoining or neighboring land of the landlords or any industrial activities of the landlords.

18.2) The existence of aerial ropeways, tub ways, poles or overhead or underground cables, roads, railways or appliances and all other works, edifices and machinery over or within or adjacent to the holding.


19) All rights of way (if any) hitherto used or enjoyed across the holding or any part or parts thereof whether by the landlords or otherwise.


20) The holding not to be used for any business activity or the holding to be used for any business performance.