Versele Laga Supervit

Versele Laga Supervit

Mixture of vitamins and trace elements in powder form

A blend of 10 vitamins and 4 trace elements in powder form. Supports the natural resistance and enhances performances

  • Supports the natural resistance against disease

  • Ensures a better metabolism, which enhances the condition and performances

  • For an ideal growth during the breeding period

Directions for use

1 double sachet per 2 litre of water (or per kg feed): 
- Competition pigeons: once a week (preferably in the middle of the week) 
- Breeding pigeons (from pairing): once a week 
- Youngsters: once a week 
- After treatment against illness (worms, trichomoniasis, coccidiosis, snot, paratyphus, paramyxovirus, etc.): 2 consecutive days (after treatment against the disease) 
- During the moult: once a week 
Freshen solution daily.

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