Versele Laga Hemolyt 40

Versele Laga Hemolyt 40 

Mixture of electrolytes and animal proteins

Unique mixture of quickly available animal proteins, minerals, electrolytes and vitamin B6. Administer directly after the flight for quick recovery

  • Quick recovery because of animal proteins

  • Enhances the oxygen supply to the muscles

  • Stimulates the production of the body's own haemoglobin

Directions for use

1 dosage spoon (= 10g ) per litre of drinking water or per ½ kg of moistened granules. 
It is advisable to administer Hemolyt 40 as a booster 10 to 14 days before the start of the racing season. After that, we advise you to administer Hemolyt 40 in drinking water for 2 days starting from the day after arrival or in feed for 4 feeding sessions. 
Note: if your bird drinks too much Hemolyt 40 in its fluid, this can result in queasiness, but this will not further impede your bird’s condition and recovery.

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