Versele Laga Plus IC Depure 

Versele Laga Plus IC Depure 

Complete purification mixture

Complete pigeon feed enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ diet pellet (with a.o. fresh vegetables and herbs). That is why the Plus I.C.+ Depure has an added value in comparison to a conventional depurative mixture. The added extruded Plus I.C.+ diet pellets work for a better digestion and an additional number of vitamins and amino acids, which are important for the general health. This is so much more than a conventional depurative mixture that only provides a solution to the pigeon’s protein and fat requirement.

  • The extruded diet pellet, light and easily digestible, makes for an ideal depurative mixture.

  • The extruded diet pellet contains fresh vegetables and herbs, among other things. Provides the pigeons with the necessary nutrients without gaining fat.

  • Easily digestible feed that guarantees an extra reinforcement of the immune system.

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