Versele Laga Columbine Tea

Versele Laga Oropharma Columbine Tea

Herbal tea with 15 different special herbs

A specific herbal tea for pigeons. Brings the pigeons in good condition and stimulates the down moult

  • Brings the pigeons in top condition in a natural way

  • Stimulates the (down) moult in combination with Muta Seeds

  • Enhances the liver function, the digestion and increases resistance

Directions for use

Boil 1 or more litres of drinking water. Add 1 dessertspoon of COLOMBINE TEA + 1 teaspoon Muta-Seed per litre. Allow to brew for 15 minutes, pour it through a sieve and give it to the pigeons as their only drink after it has cooled. 
- the first week of widowhood: 8 days without interruption. The moult of the down feathers is stimulated extra as a result. 
- During the racing pigeon: the day before basketing add 1 dessertspoon of Glucose + Vitamins per litre
- during the moult: a starting treatment of 8 days and then 2 days a week 
- Youngsters: 2 days a week all year round
Freshen solution daily.

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