Ecofective Cat & Dog Repellent

Ecofective Cat & Dog Repellent spray is an effective treatment for indoor and outdoor use, which discourages cats and dogs from fouling or from using faeces and urine to mark their territory. ecofective Cat & Dog Repellent spray contains harmless but effective deterrent scents, that will discourage even the most persistent cats and dogs. The slow release, highly scented formula uses Methyl Nonyl Ketone which is proven to deter cats and dogs from treated areas. Outdoors, ecofective Cat & Dog Repellent spray will also dissuade other like-minded pets from marking or fouling the same area of your garden. Ideal for use in the home on doorways, carpets and furnishings, and outdoors on driveways, paths, patios, flower beds, dustbins, fence posts etc. Cat & Dog Repellent spray is part of ecofective’s range of natural feed, weed and control products. 

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