The Grain Store High Energy

High energy garden bird food recipe: this high quality bird food mix has been specially created to provide your garden friends with easily accessed energy and nutrition. 

  • Contains sunflower hearts and suet : this wild bird food contains energy rich sunflower hearts and suet pellets along with a variety of other seeds. Ideal for feeding in tough times like hot summer days and cold winter mornings.

  • Low mess wild bird food: the seeds in this mix are mainly husk free so there’s less waste, and less mess for you to clean up. Because it is wheat free it is less attractive to larger birds such as wood pigeon.

  • Use in hanging bird feeders: you can fill your bird feeders with this seed mix as a bird food for small birds to enjoy. It’s great for summer visitors like Blackcap, winter migrants such as Siskin, and year round residents including Great Tits. Please ensure the aperture of the feeder is sufficient for the pellets.

  • Convenient bulk bird food 20kg: if you want a recipe that gives your birds extra select wild bird food from the grain store. Provided in a 20kg sack you’ll have plenty for even the busiest garden feeders.

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